7 Building Blocks for Better Budgets - LeaseLock (dragged)
7 Building Blocks for Better Multifamily Budgets

Need a smoother, more robust budgeting process? This guide outlines the building blocks for a future-proof budgeting strategy and calls for an investment in data-driven technology solutions so that properties can skip the headaches, outsmart uncertainty, and unlock additional value in 2023.

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Unlocking the Value of Risk Prediction for Better Loss Protection

Drawing on lessons from revenue management, this guide calls for a re-think of the current risk mitigation landscape so owners and operators can unlock additional value from leveraging data-driven AI risk prediction to better protect their assets and recapture lost revenue.

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2022 Leasing Season Tech Hacks Whitepaper
Leasing Season Guide: 4 Tech Hacks to Boost Lead Conversion—Without Sacrificing NOI

Operators need to optimize the lead-to-lease process — but at what cost? Many will lean on lease concessions, which may sacrifice their bottom line. Learn the latest solutions to attract, convert, and delight renters—all while maximizing NOI. Plus, request a free NOI analysis!

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20for20 2022 Edition - LeaseLock - Cover
20for20 2022 Edition – LeaseLock Sponsor Viewpoint

20 for ’20 is the industry’s leading survey of operations and technology, featuring 20 conversations with senior multifamily executives, plus a unique perspective from LeaseLock on innovative insurance technology solutions in 2022.

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3 Reasons Why Deposits Need Replacement, Not Alternatives - Whitepaper cover page
3 Reasons Why Deposits Need Replacement, Not Alternatives

Ease the lift for your site teams and improve financial performance by replacing deposits the right way. Explore 3 opportunities to reduce bad debt, minimize administration & regulatory risk, and improve customer experience.

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The 2021 Apartment Visionaries Survey Report

Conducted in partnership with Grace Hill, our 2021 Apartment Visionaries Survey Report reveals key insights into tech-driven leasing, top challenges, NOI opportunities, forward-looking operations & more.

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Exclusive Analysis of Leasing Season KPIs

Leasing behavior in 2021 saw an uptick in February through May. Leasing metrics took until mid-April 2020 to recover from the COVID lockdowns and unemployment increase. Without those same disruptions this year, leasing data has either reached or exceeded the levels seen from the same time period last year. With leasing season in full bloom,…

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A State-by-State Guide to Emergency Rental Assistance

This guide will offer a state-by-state breakdown of the $25 billion federal rent assistance program, including details on: rental assistance eligibility, rental assistance applications, rental assistance FAQs, and other additional resources

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The Peak Leasing Season Playbook

Peak leasing season is not the same anymore. Get exclusive insight on driving leases in a new environment, including emerging online leasing data, ways to address affordability with lease concessions, and expert advice from leading operators.

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