LeaseLock Shield

Find the right lease insurance coverage with our underwriting and risk assessment platform.

Optimize Property Coverage With LeaseLock Shield™

LeaseLock Shield™ transcends the traditional underwriting platform. Powered by AI, LeaseLock Shield™ analyzes vast amounts of property and market data to accurately predict risk levels, enabling us to tailor optimal coverage options for each property.

By analyzing a comprehensive array of data points, LeaseLock Shield™ harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to craft personalized coverage solutions that align with your property’s specific needs and risk profile.

  • Financial Data: Reviews historical income and expense details to offer valuable insights into your property’s financial performance.
  • Property Characteristics: Considers unit mix, amenities, and age to predict future performance.
  • Claim Behaviors: Examines past claims to identify loss patterns and adjust coverage thresholds.
  • Geographic Attributes: Evaluates location-specific factors to understand regional dynamics and market trends.
  • Risk Profiles: Analyzes renter behavior to assess turnover and default rates.
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Protect Against NOI Loss

LeaseLock Shield™ ensures your investments are safeguarded. Take the next step towards securing your property’s future with LeaseLock.

Leverage AI to Protect Your Property

LeaseLock Shield revolutionizes lease insurance with its AI-based platform, turning data insights into actionable financial wisdom for property owners and operators across the country. By harnessing the power of AI, our solution meticulously predicts and mitigates risks and minimizes potential rent losses and damages. This predictive prowess ensures LeaseLock Shield™ not only protects your assets but also empowers proactive management of your leasing process and property.

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Leading the Future of Lease Insurance Technology

Through commitment to innovation and a team of experts in real estate, finance, and data sciences, LeaseLock is continuously exploring new ways to leverage AI, machine learning, and data analytics to revolutionize rental housing.