At LeaseLock, we’re committed to achieving positive social impacts for our customers and their residents.

Robert Friedman, President, Harbor Group Management

“Our industry has realized dynamic shifts over the past few years, and we are constantly looking towards innovative solutions that can optimize our business while better serving our residents. As the industry continues to evolve, LeaseLock has emerged as the sustainable security deposit replacement, and we’re pleased to deploy their insurtech technology across our communities.”

“LeaseLock reduces the liability that comes along with holding security deposits—an antiquated system—and eliminates the paperwork and stress of managing deposits. It provides an operational efficiency boost that has a direct impact on our bottom line.”

“LeaseLock enables us to protect our assets while removing a huge financial barrier for prospective residents. But the true differentiator is their next-level service and customer support during implementation and claims processing throughout the entire leasing experience.”

“Financially, deposits—along with surety bonds—don’t make a lot of sense. Deposits are too expensive, and surety bonds provide inadequate coverage, putting property owners at financial risk. LeaseLock solves these problems.”

“We pride ourselves on being an innovative apartment company that provides the highest level of convenience for our residents. Affordability is top of mind for renters. Replacing the security deposit cost barrier with lease insurance delivers a frictionless and automated leasing process. LeaseLock offers the win-win of renter affordability and superior financial coverage.”