Eliminating Deposits For Good

Powered by insurance technology, LeaseLock delivers the affordability renters need
and the protection properties want.

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Rolling Out 1.5 Million Homes

Today’s Lease
Transaction Is Broken

Security deposits, surety bonds and guarantors offer limited protection to property owners, and frustrate renters.


Surety Bonds


Modernize Your Lease Experience

Affordable for Renters

Without drawn-out approvals, expensive deposits or damage disputes, you create a painless move-in for renters – and more leases for you.

  • Faster
  • Simpler
  • More Affordable

$5000 Protection for You

Unlock $5000 of rent and damage insurance on our standard plan. Coverage is multiplied up to 10x compared to the average deposit or bond.

Fully Automated

Built within your online leasing checkout. Simple one-click claims fully integrated with your receivable workflows.