Eliminate Deposits for Good

Powered by insurance technology, we eliminate security deposits
from the rental housing industry.

Watch it Work

Reaching Over 1.5 Million Homes

Insurance Technology Platform
Powered by AI

Our industry-leading platform is deployed through your native property software systems–
better protection for property owners, effortless for operators & seamless for residents.

Helping Leading Operators

Maximize Asset Performance

90%+ Adoption Rates

Integrated with your online lease checkout–
create a seamless resident experience that results in industry-leading conversion rates.

  • More Coverage
  • Less Bad Debt
  • Reduced Deposit Headaches & Risk
  • Better Resident Experience

Customized Protection on
Every Lease

On the preferred plan, your coverage for rent & damage loss is multiplied by 6x compared to the average deposit or bond, resulting in 45% bad debt reduction.

Significant NOI Impact

Within 60 days of launch, we’ll provide performance reports with measurable financial impact resulting in millions in portfolio asset value increase.