Make your properties Zero Deposit

Renters pay a low monthly fee to insure your property up to 6x rent.

  • No Security Deposits

    Market your properties as Zero Deposit giving you a competitive edge.

  • Convert More Leases

    Significantly reduce move-in costs & capture renters lost to credit or income.

  • 6x Rent Protection

    Renters pay a low monthly fee insuring you up to 6x rent & damages.

Imagine if your properties were always filled, residents never missed a payment, and your revenue shot through the roof.

Offer LeaseLock instead of requiring expensive upfront security deposits or cosigners.


Renter pays a low monthly fee starting at $19 per month, adding them to your LeaseLock Insurance Policy.


You may now approve the lease! If there are losses, file a quick claim for up to 6x rent, damages & turn costs.


You’re protected for 6x rent.

What property managers are saying

With LeaseLock, we’re approving 35% more renters without any risk.

Leasing Manager, San Diego

Renters love small fixed monthly payments, rather than high upfront deposits.

Property Manager, Phoenix

LeaseLock is backed by insurance rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best
  • The first nationwide lease insurance program

  • Carrier licensed in all 50 states

  • Fair Housing Act compliant


Over 1,000,000 units protected

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Subject to terms, coverage and exclusions of the LeaseLock Insurance Policy