Insurance technology to optimize asset performance

Replacing security deposits with smarter loss protection for owners and operators

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More NOI, Less Bad Debt

Deposits poorly anticipate final balances, leaving properties exposed to rent loss and damage. LeaseLock replaces them with lease insurance to recapture revenue before it becomes bad debt.

Optimized Coverage Based on Data—Not Tradition

LeaseLock predicts risk and optimizes coverage by property, turning unpredictable loss into more dependable income and greater asset value.

Mark Stringer, EVP at Avenue5

“Deposits are too expensive and bonds provide inadequate coverage, putting property owners at financial risk. LeaseLock solves these problems.”

Built for owners and operators
Powered by data and AI

Our ledger data platform is integrated with leading enterprise PMS software, powering loss prediction by property to future-proof against changing risk.

Our AI risk engine optimizes property-level coverage to maximize account balance absorption and financial lift across an entire portfolio.

No more deposits or alternatives

  • Control the resident experience
  • Reduce dependence on collections
  • Avoid regulatory landmines
  • Remove costly administration

Smart, easy adoption

  • Integrated with PMS software
  • Automated for site teams
  • Embedded in online leasing
  • Fast and simple claims

Stronger financial performance

  • Recapture lost revenue
  • Reduce final account balances
  • Create ancillary income stream
  • Generate NOI & millions in asset value
Asset Value Generated
Leases Insured