Never Have a Lapse in Coverage

Get Covered’s customizable renters insurance, paired with Zero Deposit™ lease insurance, enables renters to lease the way they want, with the protection they need and deserve, while giving property owners and managers relief from substantial burden and risk of income loss.

  • Zero Deposit + Get Covered accelerates leasing, allowing renters to choose their deposit and insurance options in one workflow before move-in. Customized coverage enables renters to protect what matters most while fulfilling lease liability requirements, ensuring renters, owners, and managers have the appropriate insurance for their needs.

  • Get Covered takes the headache out of renters insurance by providing an innovative solution to track, manage and ensure compliance for renters insurance. Zero Deposit eliminates deposits and deposit management entirely.

  • Eliminate liability and legal risks while protecting your property and brand reputation with seamless move-in and move-out experiences.

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