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Detect Fraud and Protect Your Profits With Aptly and LeaseLock

Tenant Screening

Income Verification and Fraud Detection

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Risk Reduction

LeaseLock Is Your Trusted Partner

At LeaseLock, we pioneered the rental housing industry’s only lease insurance solution. As your strategic partner, we safeguard your investments by eliminating security and pet deposits, mitigating risk exposure, and shielding you from bad debt. Our innovative approach fortifies and optimizes your portfolio, allowing you to focus on growth and success. Grounded in transparency, our partnerships are built on a shared vision of transforming the rental housing landscape through groundbreaking financial products. We’re dedicated to delivering solutions that protect your assets while redefining the possibilities.

LeaseLock’s Comprehensive Risk Mitigation Solutions

LeaseLock’s tailored approach combines innovative strategies, cutting-edge tools, and deep industry expertise to fortify your operations against risk related challenges. From screening and fraud detection to regulatory compliance, our partner solutions paired with Zero Deposit™ lease insurance provide a robust safeguard, enabling you to control your renter experience with confidence.