3 Overlooked Benefits of Optimizing the Claims Management Process


Multifamily property teams are often overwhelmed by the growing number of administrative tasks. Technology has proven to be a valuable tool to ensure nothing is overlooked throughout the lease lifecycle, including new solutions that streamline routine processes for residents. But a significant pain point still exists post move-out: claims management.

The Evolution of Claims in Multifamily: Removing Security Deposits to Streamline Operations & Debt Recovery

Between deposit refunds and claims, these time-consuming and contentious tasks can quickly over-burden property teams. Whether managing an eviction or debt recovery, and due to the potential for rent loss (especially during and post COVID-19), site teams can’t afford to commit anything less than their full attention to the issue.

Forward-thinking operators are re-envisioning how they handle claims by moving beyond deposits entirely. As a byproduct, property teams can skip administrative headaches and streamline the debt recovery process. Through lease insurance technology, operators can start the claims process earlier and ease the burden of claims management for overstretched teams. As a bonus, these technology solutions boost onsite team productivity and eliminate long-standing pain points for the industry.

3 Benefits of Optimized Claims

Below are three operational and financial benefits of optimizing the claims process to help properties stay on top of post move-out tasks and prevent revenue from slipping through the cracks:

  1. Lighter Administrative Workload – Modern claims solutions avoid any out-of-workflow operations for property teams by seamlessly deploying through native property management systems, ensuring property managers don’t have to worry about leaking revenue due to overlooked claims.
  2. Faster Claims Returns – With lease insurance, operators no longer have to wait months or years for a collections agency to recover funds from residents, meaning operators won’t incur a substantial reduction in recovered revenue once the collections agency deducts its fee.
  3. Stronger Online Reputation – Replacing deposits with lease insurance not only allows operators to reduce administrative burdens and sidestep collections for quicker payouts but also eliminates a key point of resident contention after move-out, thus helping prevent negative online reviews.

To learn how to achieve maximal bad debt recovery and NOI growth by optimizing claims management, read the full article here.

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