Peak Leasing Playbook 2020: The Operator’s Apartment Leasing Guide [Report]


Leasing season is upon us, but this year, it looks different. The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves through the multifamily industry, and for most apartment operators, their leasing game is on the line. That’s why we’ve created the operator’s apartment leasing guide to help navigate the new peak leasing season and optimize your leasing strategy.

COVID-19 Disrupted Apartment Leasing—Here’s How to Get Back on Track

In the first couple months of 2020, multifamily remained poised to weather an economic downturn. But when the U.S. shut down in response to COVID-19, a recession ensued, and the fate of multifamily became less certain. Almost overnight, operators were thrown into a new leasing environment.

As a result of the pandemic and subsequent shutdown, new renter behaviors have emerged, and apartment leasing has had to change at an accelerated rate. Now, more than ever, operators are closely monitoring the impact on leasing activity and operations in order to adjust their leasing strategy.

The question is—how has COVID affected apartment leasing in the short-term, and what does that mean for the long-term? And how can operators effectively adapt their leasing operations to turn the tides?

The 2020 Peak Leasing Playbook

To help operators stay ahead of the game in 2020, we’ve put together a comprehensive Peak Leasing Playbook, including:

  • Industry-wide changes in leasing behavior
  • Emerging industry trends
  • Insights on new renter priorities
  • Tips from leading multifamily operators


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