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3 Reasons Why Deposits Need Replacement, Not Alternatives - Whitepaper
3 Reasons Deposits Need Replacement—Not Alternatives [WHITE PAPER]

With staff shortages being a top multifamily challenge, property management companies are looking to adopt processes and systems that improve operations—not strain them. This means operators will sometimes forgo financial opportunities if they think those opportunities will only add to property teams’ workloads. So how can multifamily operators ease the...

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Top 3 Multifamily Challenges: How to Navigate Them in 2022

A panel of experts recently discussed how to overcome the industry’s most pressing issues in the webinar, “Multifamily Top 3 Challenges: How to Navigate Them in 2022.” Moderated by LeaseLock CRO Ed Wolff, the discussion featured Jennifer Staciokas, Executive Managing Director of Property Management for Western Wealth Capital and Terresa...

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2021 Year in Review Growth Highlights Feature
LeaseLock 2021 Highlights by the Numbers

As 2021 comes to a close, LeaseLock would like to reflect on the significant growth we have achieved alongside our clients, partners, advisors, supporters, and colleagues. From raising $52 million in Series B, to surpassing $2 billion in leases insured, to releasing a major platform upgrade, we are one step...

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What’s New With LeaseLock? A Major Product Upgrade

As 2021 comes to a close, multifamily operators are gearing up for what’s ahead in 2022. It’s also a time for us to reflect on all we’ve accomplished as an industry, from the opportunities identified to the challenges overcome. This past year has been full of exciting changes for us...

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Why Security Deposits Are Bad for Customer Experience

In the previous two articles in this series, we outlined two reasons why multifamily operators should consign the use of security deposits to history. First, we talked about how many operators are missing opportunities to eliminate bad debt and how, even in cases where they don’t have a lot of...

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Original Research: The 2021 Apartment Visionaries Survey Report by Grace Hill & LeaseLock

After conducting a joint industry study, LeaseLock and Grace Hill are excited to release the official survey analysis. The 2021 Apartment Visionaries Research Report surveys nearly 300 multifamily operators on their primary asset performance issues, as well as the success of the technology solutions they implemented across the five stages...

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The Growing Risk of Deposits and Deposit Alternatives

In our last blog, we discussed how operators are reducing bad debt by insuring leases instead of taking security deposits. The bad debt that we discussed in that post ought to be enough to motivate any operator to rid themselves of deposits for good — but it is not the...

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The Bad Debt Opportunity Most Operators Are Still Missing

In today’s multifamily market, the issue of bad debt is not always top of mind. Eye-popping year-over-year rent increases and uncomfortably high occupancies create a natural tide of financial optimism. If you asked most operators, they’d tell you, “We don’t have a bad debt problem.” But consider for a moment...

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Advisory Board Spotlight Q&A: RKW Residential’s Marcie Williams

In line with our mission to provide valuable thought leadership for the rental housing industry, we’re featuring multifamily experts whom we’ve had the honor of welcoming to our advisory board. In this month’s edition of LeaseLock Advisory Board Q&A Spotlight, we are excited to highlight a highly-esteemed multifamily influencer —...

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Elevating Resident Experience Across the 5 Stages of the Apartment Leasing Process

Looking to elevate your firm’s apartment leasing process and resident experience? Doing so requires meeting the modern renter’s demands as well as addressing the major pain points across the entire renter journey 一 from the moment they become a prospect all the way to the move-out experience. We hosted an...

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How to Avoid Security Deposit Disputes — Don’t Ignore the Move-Out Experience

When former apartment residents look back on their living experiences and assess their satisfaction, their lasting sentiments rest heavily on the final interactions they have with their apartment communities. So, why are so many renter relationships tainted after move-out? Security Deposit Disputes Create Negative Move-Out Experiences Which Damage Your Online...

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Advisory Board Spotlight Q&A: Western Wealth’s Jennifer Staciokas

LeaseLock is honored to have a select group of advisory board members who graciously lend their thought leadership, guidance and support in an effort to further our mission of eliminating security deposits for good. But their insights go far beyond helping us educate the industry about lease insurance, and we...

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