LeaseLock helps the world find home.

Powered by insurance technology, we make renting faster, simpler and more affordable.

Eliminating $50 Billion in deposits nationwide.

How it Works

Our Team

We’re a high-performance team of engineers, data scientists, insurance experts, and multifamily operators working together to deploy the world’s first lease insurance product. We love putting our heads together to solve old problems in new ways.

Derek Merrill LinkedIn

CEO, Founder

Reichen Kuhl LinkedIn

President, CIO, Founder

Ed Wolff LinkedIn

Chief Revenue Officer

Aaron Geisler LinkedIn

Chief Technology Officer

Ted Rupp LinkedIn

Chief Strategy Officer

Oliver Gratry - CFO

Oliver Gratry LinkedIn

Chief Financial Officer

Lindsey Holland LinkedIn

Vice President of Accounts

Cassandra Campbell LinkedIn

Vice President of Product

Rochelle Bailis LinkedIn

Vice President of Marketing

Goli Sarange LinkedIn

Vice President of Legal

Ricardo Garcia LinkedIn

Vice President of Engineering

Chris Hazlett LinkedIn

Vice President of Enterprise Sales

Ian McIntosh LinkedIn

Vice President of Enterprise Sales

Carl Stockholm LinkedIn

Vice President of Enterprise Sales

Mike Composono LinkedIn

Vice President of Enterprise Sales

Michelle Roberts LinkedIn

Vice President of Enterprise Sales

Andrew Feldman LinkedIn

Director of Data Products

Lena Geisler LinkedIn

Director of Finance and Accounting

Matthew Arnold LinkedIn

Director of Insurance and Risk

Mychelle Johnston LinkedIn

Director of Enterprise Accounts

Max Garrison LinkedIn

Chief of Staff, In-House Counsel

Sam Perez LinkedIn

Principal Engineer

Avi Jacob Chad-Friedman LinkedIn

Director of Data Science


Michelle Murray LinkedIn

Lead Technical Program Manager

Aman Agarwal LinkedIn

Senior Product Manager

Lauren Bacon LinkedIn

Senior Product Manager

Mark Progano LinkedIn

Senior Product Manager

Jonathan Rodriguez LinkedIn

People Operations Manager

Jenna Rich LinkedIn

Senior Content Marketing Manager

Cole Maher LinkedIn

Senior Accounts Manager

Jose Segura LinkedIn

Senior Software Engineer

Vahur Roosimaa LinkedIn

Senior Software Engineer

Eric Janowski LinkedIn

Senior Software Engineer


Ananya Mishra LinkedIn

Senior Data Engineer

Maximus McCann LinkedIn

Engineering Manager

Esther Smith LinkedIn

Client Success Manager

Sarah Oswald LinkedIn

Implementation Manager

David Kim LinkedIn

Product Manager, Systems

Abby Conley LinkedIn

Account Operations Manager

Alicia Randolph LinkedIn

Claims Operations Manager

Michael Luciani LinkedIn

Claims Compliance Manager

Timothy Ng LinkedIn

Software Engineer

Amir Katoozian LinkedIn

Data Analytics Engineer

Yoon Hwang LinkedIn

Data Scientist

Sungjin Lee LinkedIn

Data Scientist

Jody Shaw



Natalie Cole LinkedIn

Event Marketing Associate


Jessica Ko LinkedIn

Staff Accountant

Milena Saradinova LinkedIn

Marketing Specialist

Kirstin Olivier LinkedIn

Executive Assistant

Jacob Patterson LinkedIn

Legal and Operations Intern