Replace security deposits with $5000 protection

How It Works

LeaseLock is the only complete security deposit replacement. Upgrade your communities to Zero Deposit to deliver a modern lease experience.

Get More Leads

Renters today need affordability. LeaseLock properties drive more leads and traffic with a Zero Deposit move-in.

Eliminate Costly Deposits

Renters move in without paying an expensive deposit. A small deposit waiver fee is collected with monthly rent.

Convert More Leases

Leases of every renter approved by the property are covered by LeaseLock. Without clunky and confusing applications, properties close more leases.

Secure $5000 of Coverage

Properties are shielded from economic uncertainty with over $5,000 of rent loss and damage coverage on our standard plan.

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Protect your properties and convert more leases.

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Seamless Leasing Integration

LeaseLock is fully integrated with all major leasing checkout and property systems, so it doesn’t need to be sold by onsite staff.

Billing is automated and paid with rent. There are several configurations to meet your needs.

How Billing Works

Fully Automated Claims

Our automated claims experience is built around your move-out process, powered by automatic triggers within your leasing system.

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Insanely Simple Pricing

Our most popular plan is $29 per month, paid by the resident with monthly rent. However pricing and coverage can be fully customized to meet your property’s needs.



  • $2,500rent
  • $400damage



  • $5,000rent
  • $500damage



  • $7,500rent
  • $500damage

The Only Deposit Replacement

LeaseLock is a deposit replacement, not a deposit alternative like a surety bond.

  • $5000 coverage standard plan
    Bonds typically cover deposit value averaging $500 or less.
  • +90% conversion on every lease
    Bonds are sold by onsite staff and typically have lower adoption.
  • Higher claims payouts
    Bonds typically collect only ~$50 in premium to apply to claims fund.
  • Fully automated
    Bonds require out-of-workflow applications or approvals.

Surety Bonds

  • Typically only cover deposit
  • Lower average adoption
  • Smaller claims funds
  • Off-system processing

Why Bond
Math Doesn’t
Add Up