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Powered by insurance technology, LeaseLock eliminates security deposits resulting in higher net asset value for multifamily properties

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Top 20 NOI Strategies to Implement Today

Hosted by: Ed Wolff

Wednesday, September 1st
3:45pm – 4:30pm / Room 183

This session takes a quick look at 20 strategies operators of all apartment community sizes can implement today to help improve overall NOI.


How are You Integrating Data with Your Clients to Prove Your Value? 

Hosted by: Stephanie Puryear Helling

Tuesday, August 31st
1:30pm-2:30pm / Level 3, North Pre-function

Participants will use their passion and interest to explore topics in ways that result in transformative experiences for those who chose this peer-to peer learning event.

How We Are Different:

  • Fast & simple setup

    Simple resident move-in, automated billing, and claims built into receivables reduce burden for on-site teams.
  • More coverage, better protection

    Our standard $5000 coverage plan slashes your bad debt.
  • Protect property reputation

    We've never run collections on renters, which protects your online reviews.

Surety Bond

  • Manual processing required

    Bonds require renters to apply and get approved, resulting in more work for residents and onsite teams.
  • Minimal coverage across properties

    Bonds typically only cover the deposit value averaging $500 or less.
  • Renter frustration after move-out

    Bonds run collections against your residents putting your property's reputation on the line.

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Lower Your Bad Debt & Lift NOI

$5000 coverage per lease

Multifamily properties need better protection than traditional deposits. Get 6x the protection of a traditional $500 deposit with our standard plan.

Build Your Leasing Advantage

More Leads & Faster Leasing

Drive more traffic, close more leases, and reach higher occupancy by lowering move-in costs and marketing communities as Zero Deposit.

Simple for Everyone

Integrated with Your Operations

We’ve done the hard work integrating into all front & back-office workflows. Billing is automated and paid with rent simplifying leasing for renters, owners, and operators alike.

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