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The Deposit Replacement Revolution: A Conversation With Apartments On the Go

With rent hikes and rapidly evolving renter expectations, operators are looking for ways to provide more convenience and added-value for residents without sacrificing the property’s financial performance. One such strategy involves reframing deposit-free leasing with a risk mitigation model. To discuss this recent industry trend and bring insight to the...

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The Fundamental Problem With Security Deposits (It’s Not What You Think)

Despite being riddled with risk, multifamily has accepted security deposits as part of property management just as residents have accepted paying them as part of renting an apartment. As neither party likes dealing with deposits, it’s time to re-evaluate their role and whether they serve that purpose effectively. As we...

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3 Use Cases for the Multifamily Shift to Smarter Loss Protection

Multifamily historically has been slow to embrace technology, but the industry countered that notion with its recent tech renaissance during the pandemic. Almost overnight, tech solutions went from last resort options to first-strike weapons in the industry’s effort to solve emerging issues. These technologies may have been a long time...

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NAA Apartmentalize 2022 Recap: Top 3 Highlights and Takeaways for Multifamily Innovators

We’re still buzzing with excitement from all the amazing events that unfolded at last week’s NAA Apartmentalize 2022. With over 11,000 vendors and attendees, our team was delighted to welcome a constant stream of visitors to our booth and happy to reconnect with industry peers at our hosted events. While...

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3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Time at NAA Apartmentalize 2022

Apartmentalize 2022 is the biggest event in rental housing and if you don’t have a solid plan in place it can be overwhelming to navigate, but not to worry—we’ve got you covered! As a California based company and a team who’s attended the event several years in a row, we...

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How Data-Driven AI Is Transforming Risk Management for Multifamily Operators

With the onset of the pandemic, the usually innovation-averse multifamily industry was forced to embrace new technologies. Today, those automations and technology platforms are becoming the standard in property management. While artificial intelligence (AI) remained at the tail end of technology implementation, the industry is finally realizing its potential roles...

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Leasing Season Panel: Multifamily Experts Share Top Leasing Hacks

The Covid-19 pandemic is finally fading away, and the ensuing economic recovery and employment growth have fueled unprecedented demand for apartment homes. That demand has led to off-the-charts rent growth. To optimize this momentum, operators are seeking competitive advantages in their efforts to land prospective residents. Unfortunately, resident preferences are...

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Integration vs. Interface: 5 Factors Operators Need to Consider

The rapid advancements of technology in the multifamily industry demand decision makers to develop a working knowledge of their capabilities. In order to improve operations while streamlining workflow, operators need to deploy technology solutions that seamlessly work as one. That’s where understanding whether or not the proptech solutions are interfacing...

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Quarterly Checkpoint: LeaseLock Momentum by the Numbers

Coming off a strong first quarter, LeaseLock is eager to build on growing momentum. From reaching $3 billion in leases insured, to eliminating millions of dollars in security deposits, to partnering with several new enterprise clients, we continue to take great pride in leading the industry away from security deposits...

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Boost Lead Conversion (and NOI) With These 4 Leasing Tech Hacks [WHITE PAPER]

Two years since the start of the pandemic apartment leasing is returning to pre-COVID levels. Data sourced from PMS integrations shows this momentum with a 136% jump in leads and 20% more applications since the same time last year. Google searches for “apartments for rent” have also seen a 22%...

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20for20 multifamily executive survey
2022 Multifamily Outlook: 20 Conversations With Senior Executives

LeaseLock is proud to serve as a sponsor for the 2022 edition of 20 fo 20, the industry’s leading executive survey on multifamily operations and technology. This year’s report provides a unique executive viewpoint on the current and future state of leasing operations and best-of-breed vs. bundled tech. Featuring 20...

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3 Overlooked Benefits of Optimizing the Claims Management Process

Multifamily property teams are often overwhelmed by the growing number of administrative tasks. Technology has proven to be a valuable tool to ensure nothing is overlooked throughout the lease lifecycle, including new solutions that streamline routine processes for residents. But a significant pain point still exists post move-out: claims management....

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