NMHC OPTECH 2022: 3 Education Sessions for Forward-Thinking Owners & Operators

NMHC OPTECH 2022 is the must-attend conference for multifamily owners and operators who want to stay ahead of the latest technology and operations trends. With the top proptech innovators and housing leaders in attendance, the three day conference packs a ton of value with dynamic sessions, interactive workshops, educational discussions, and networking opportunities.

This year’s agenda is tightly focused on top-of-mind topics around rental housing risks, technology integration, smart buildings, as well as machine learning and AI. If you’re an industry leader looking for the most important agenda items to attend at the event, we’ve highlighted three education sessions that should be on your radar:

  1. Ways AI is transforming multifamily beyond leasing – Savvy operators are already utilizing AI to streamline front-end operations, but what about its application beyond leasing? Attend the NextGen AI: Risks and Rewards session to learn about the challenges the industry needs to overcome to unleash the limitless potential of artificial intelligence.
  2. Biggest risks facing the industry – From cybersecurity to economic uncertainty, multifamily leaders will come together to discuss the biggest risks facing the industry. Sit in on The Big Risks Facing Multifamily & What to Do About Them session to prepare for the new risk landscape and learn how to mitigate risk across your properties.
  3. Challenges of new technology implementation – As tech stacks evolve, so do the challenges around technology adoption and integration. Add the Integration Challenges and Solutions with New Technology session to your calendar to ensure your organization deploys technology seamlessly and securely.

1. Next-Gen AI: Risks and Rewards


From nice-to-have to a neccessity, AI has found its way into multifamily, with chatbots and leasing assistants being some of the most common front-end solutions implemented across the industry. Now, with a better understanding of its potential applications, operators are looking to deploy AI-powered solutions to streamline other processes. Featuring LeaseLock’s CTO Sudip Shekhawat as the moderator, this session will discuss the potential of AI beyond leasing, and the challenges (like AI generated bias) standing in the way.

Bonus: The industry has only begun to tap the potential of AI tech and there’s a wealth of opportunities for its use beyond front-end applications. With new data strategies and an AI technology roadmap that encompasses core functions and back-end processes, operators can make informed, data-backed decisions to elevate and future-proof their assets. For a head start on how else AI can help the industry, get the inside scoop from multifamily technology leader, Sudip Shekhawat, who explores the potential of AI in operations in his Multifamily Insiders article.

2. The Big Risks Facing Multifamily & What to Do About Them


The current macroeconomic environment has put multifamily housing at heightened risk exposure. From cybersecurity, to fraud, and increasing financial pressures, leaders should continue to closely monitor developments in the market to protect their assets in the face of market uncertainty.

To bring light to the current multifamily risk landscape, attorneys, risk experts, and apartment operators will come together on day 2 to reveal the proposed regulations that are expected to make the biggest impact on business operations in the coming years, as well as the top strategies operators can deploy to mitigate rising risks.

Bonus: Whether this session fits into your OPTECH schedule or not, don’t miss the opportunity to prepare your properties for economic uncertainty and position your portfolio for optimized financial performance in 2023. Bookmark the guide to unlocking the value of risk prediction, which challenges conventional approaches to multifamily risk mitigation and offers a fresh perspective on how owners and operators can achieve significant NOI and asset value lift through better loss protection. Download the guide here.

3. Integration Challenges and Solutions with New Technology


As multifamily tech stacks evolve, operators are met with the new challenges of technology integration. Integration is the cornerstone of any real estate technology solution—without the proper integration between software products, systems communicate under limited capacity, which can lead to inconsistencies that have a negative impact on a team’s efficiency and daily processes. This session will highlight real-world solutions that help software integrate more seamlessly and is a must-attend for operators looking to expand their tech stack in 2023.

Bonus: The rapid advancements of technology in the multifamily industry demand decision makers to develop a working knowledge of their capabilities. Understanding whether or not proptech solutions are completely integrated or simply interfacing is essential to ensuring your tech stack functions seamlessly. As you prepare to meet with proptech vendors at OPTECH, here’re the 5 essential questions you should ask to understand a product’s true capabilities.

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LeaseLock will be exhibiting at NMHC OPTECH 2022 again this year and we’re looking forward to joining industry peers and partners in Las Vegas. Our experts are ready to fill you in on the new developments with our AI risk platform and coverage optimization engine. Stop by booth 1000 to learn how LeaseLock helps your portfolio outsmart uncertainty, absorb loss, and optimize asset performance to achieve more valuable, efficient properties.

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