Unlocking the Value of Risk Prediction: The Key to Stronger Asset Performance for Multifamily [Guide]

The risk of financial loss in operating a property management company is especially high in today’s economic environment. Between rising mortgage rates, slowing rent growth, and surging inflation, asset value margins are exposed and owners are feeling the pinch. Security deposits have historically been the go-to financial instrument to protect against such loss, yet they…

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20for20 multifamily executive survey
2022 Multifamily Outlook: 20 Conversations With Senior Executives

LeaseLock is proud to serve as a sponsor for the 2022 edition of 20 fo 20, the industry’s leading executive survey on multifamily operations and technology. This year’s report provides a unique executive viewpoint on the current and future state of leasing operations and best-of-breed vs. bundled tech. Featuring 20 conversations with senior multifamily executives,…

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Top 3 Multifamily Challenges: How to Navigate Them in 2022

A panel of experts recently discussed how to overcome the industry’s most pressing issues in the webinar, “Multifamily Top 3 Challenges: How to Navigate Them in 2022.” Moderated by LeaseLock CRO Ed Wolff, the discussion featured Jennifer Staciokas, Executive Managing Director of Property Management for Western Wealth Capital and Terresa Porizek, Managing Director of Talent…

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Original Research: The 2021 Apartment Visionaries Survey Report by Grace Hill & LeaseLock

After conducting a joint industry study, LeaseLock and Grace Hill are excited to release the official survey analysis. The 2021 Apartment Visionaries Research Report surveys nearly 300 multifamily operators on their primary asset performance issues, as well as the success of the technology solutions they implemented across the five stages of the apartment leasing process….

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Elevating Resident Experience Across the 5 Stages of the Apartment Leasing Process

Looking to elevate your firm’s apartment leasing process and resident experience? Doing so requires meeting the modern renter’s demands as well as addressing the major pain points across the entire renter journey 一 from the moment they become a prospect all the way to the move-out experience. We hosted an educational presentation via the National…

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Texas Security Deposit Law: Why the New Deposit Bill Is a Win for Multifamily

With legislation around the eviction moratorium, rent relief programs, and security deposits constantly evolving, Texas property owners and operators need to stay up-to-date on the latest rental housing laws. What are the biggest challenges facing both operators and their residents, and what do multifamily experts in the region have to say? What does the newest…

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Multifamily Technology: 4 Types of Automation to Drive More Leases

While the industry entered 2020 on a high note, COVID presented various challenges for both apartment operators and renters. Unemployment led to missed rent payments, economic interruptions slowed rent growth and halted apartment construction, and general uncertainty upended more than a decade’s worth of strong growth trends. The 2021 peak leasing season is here and…

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Are Operators Accountable for Illegal Evictions? What the CFPB Rule Means for Multifamily

It’s estimated that close to 10 million households are behind on their rent payments. In order to prevent a mass eviction crisis, the CDC extended the temporary eviction moratorium through June 30, 2021. To further protect renters, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently issued an interim final rule in support of the CDC’s eviction…

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Illinois Rental Laws: The Guide to Rent Assistance & Deposit Legislation

Illinois property owners and operators are constantly navigating ever-changing rental housing laws. With new legislation around rental assistance and security deposits, what do these policies mean for multifamily in the Chicago region and Illinois as a whole? In light of new rental assistance programs, as well as a wave of security deposit legislation sweeping across…

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The Guide to $25 Billion Emergency Rental Assistance Program by State

More than a year after the onset of COVID, it’s estimated that 8 million Americans are behind on rent. We’ve closely monitored rent payment behavior to keep a pulse on how multifamily is faring during the crisis and inform apartment owners and operators. Throughout 2020 and continuing into 2021, both legislators and rental housing leaders…

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California Rental Laws: What to Know About SB 91, Rent Control, Deposit Laws & More

California lawmakers extended a statewide eviction moratorium through June 2021 and passed an emergency measure to deliver $2.6 billion in rent relief. Local jurisdictions in San Diego and Los Angeles counties have also passed their own eviction moratoriums. With strict rent control in cities such as Santa Monica, and tightening security deposit legislation across the…

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January 1st Rent Payments: $900 Billion COVID Relief Package Passes

Percent of rent collected on January 1st slipped 2 points MoM. First-day rent payments steady across Class C properties. Stimulus package includes $25 billion in rental assistance. At the turn of a new year, the multifamily industry continues to battle economic volatility, increasing unemployment rates, and a pandemic resurgence. While President Trump signed the $900…

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